Are you 100% committed to positively changing your life ???


If No then Feel free to continue living your life as it is…


If Yes then Welcome to Life Mastery


Him-eesh Madaan

Motivational Speaker and Entrepreneur

Is this your current situation?

And due to your current situation, are you facing these external problems?

Many people are unsure of their career & employment prospects due to the rapid changes in the market.

The current trembled economic situation fears you about your and your family’s financial future.

No proper roadmap on how to start, run and scale up a profitable business.

Inflation in India is on peak, Petrol prices are way too high, Food prices are increasing but your income is not.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of confusion and anxiety around health and wellness.

People are struggling to maintain healthy relationships with their Clients, colleagues, partners, friends, and family.

Who to blame for all this??? - God, Nature, Government, Circumstances, Time, Fate…?

We all know “Life is getting tougher day by day” but You want:

But the biggest question is: How are YOU going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and the FUTURE?

Welcome to the Life Mastery Program!

Life Mastery is a comprehensive program that guides you through the process of Designing a Vision for YOUR Future and creating a simple yet proven plan to bring it to life.

The Life Mastery Program is designed to help you overcome obstacles and achieve success in all important areas of your life, including your finance, profession, career, relationships, health, and personal growth.

Our experts provide you with the tools, resources, and "Private Community" you need to achieve your goals and unlock your full potential.

Pre-Recorded Videos

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Live Sessions

Private Community

During the program, you will learn how to:

Install “Unshakable Mindset & System” that delivers your Desired Result

We understand that life can be challenging, but with the right path, you can turn your dreams into reality.

“Life Mastery Program” helps you shift from your Current Situation to the Desired Situation:

Don't let another year pass you by without making real progress towards your goals.

“Life Mastery” is not just an online Course, it’s a transformational journey that will change your life for the better.

After enrolling the “Life Mastery” you will join the IMSuccess online Community of Dreamers, Doers, Achievers,

(The real essence of the Life Mastery program is its Private Community.)

People fail because they don’t get the right environment,

IMSuccess Private Community is your Go-To environment that ignites you if you feel stuck,

  • It’s a new Indian culture of committed, value-driven, result-driven members.
  • It’s a community of cooperation not competition.
  • It helps you to become Unstoppable to hit your Goal.

Access the IMSuccess Community to stay in the growing mindset, do not let the social negativity hit you easily that can make you weak and fallible.

Key Features of IMSuccess Community.

  • 12 live sessions in 12 months,
  • Recordings of previous Q&A and live sessions,
  • Surveys, polls, quizzes to customise online live sessions.
  • Weekly Tracker to measure your performance,
  • Telegram Group to have deep connections with the result driven members.

Dr. Him eesh Madaan

So, what can you expect from this program?

Don't miss this opportunity to take control of your life and create a vision for your future that you can be proud of.

Here Is Everything You Unlock When You Enrol For The “Life Mastery Program”!


This program is for you:

Before joining the Life Mastery, many individuals feel like they're just going through the motions of life, without any real direction or purpose. They may struggle to make plans and stick to them, feel unfulfilled, Self sabotage in their personal and professional lives, or be overwhelmed by anxiety about their future.

But after joining “Life Mastery Program” and IMSuccess Community, everything changes.